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Monday, July 5, 2010

Closet Caos Day 1!

Guess what! I'm so excited to be starting my newest project of my house(never ending), my DREAM closet! When my husband and I got married we were lucky enough to build our own little cottage in the country. Once a storage barn, now our home. We started converting this barn about three and a half years ago when Charlie and I were engaged. We had to make quick decisions about our home finding the best deals. Since our wedding was about four months away, that's all we had to build our little home.

Really, we had a good amount of time but both Charlie and I worked full time jobs and I lived two hours away so I wasn't much help. All we had time for was the essentials-our bedroom,kitchen,bathroom,and living room.
I don't have a SINGLE closet in my home(What were we thinking? Wedding I guess). Now three years later we've managed to discuss starting my closet. We've have decided to use our attic as a WALK IN closet! This won't be easy however since....

1.It's full of my in-laws stuff(for 25 years).
2.It's an attic- meaning we have to take everything down a flight of stairs.
3.It's an oven in the middle of the summer.
4.It's full of cob webs,spiders and bees!Ahhh!
5.It has peaked walls- a closet nightmare.

However it will all pay off when I see that amazing closet come to life. My heart is fluttering!!! So here it is the horrifying pictures of the attic were starting with! Be prepared - its not for the faint! I have so many ideas flowing through my mind so I will need your guys' help picking things out so stay tuned! OK got to go - got to get back to work!


Jenni said...

Thank you for your sweet words about my kiddos! Kinda one of those comments that makes your day!

Now, that closet is gonna be to die for when you are all done! It will be worth the hard work for sure! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Counting Your Blessings said...

I know the work you're going to experience but you'll be so glad! We love our attic studio. It has a walk in closet but it's not finished and it's soooo hot... I just haven't gotten around to that little corner. I can't wait to see it when you're done!

Blessings... Polly