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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Donation Day!

OK I promised my husband I would donate some clothes and things while I had some time off from school. Here it is proof!

The car was so loaded I could barely shut the doors or the trunk.

See how small my car is?! Yeah I know its super dirty.

I could only imagine what people thought when I drove by! He he.

It was such a gorgeous day I stopped to take a picture of the canyon I drive through everyday to get to town. We live in the country so its always a drive to somewhere. Inst beautiful? I appreciate it everyday(except when I need to be somewhere in a hurry).

Some awesome reasons why we should donate. Its nice to know it goes toward a good cause.I went to a local Snowline Hospice. This is what their website tells us. Do you research and find out what your really donating too!

Snowline Hospice is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to meeting the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are nearing the end of life's journey. Our goal is to enhance the living, comfort the dying and support the grieving with compassion and dignity.

Hospice benefits are included in Medicare and Medi-Cal and most health insurance plans. The uninsured are also served at Snowline Hospice through funds received from the proceeds of our four thrift stores, processing center, individual donations, fundraisers, and the United Way. At Snowline, neither patient nor family will ever receive a bill for services.

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