"Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there's a dream, there is hope, and as long as the is hope, there is joy in living."


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I finished my upholstery project!

It seemed like forever but its done! And I'm proud to say so.... I worked so hard on it! It took me a total of two weeks to finish (in between full time beauty college) with many nights being up until 1:30am. (I love coffee!)

Being my first chair I wanted to make sure I took my time and careful not to ruin the pattern. As I went along I took pictures of each step, so if I were to forget what i did and what went where.
This project was alot of fun and for any who are thinking of taking on this task...good luck!
What you will need ~ :0)
*A very large cup of coffee
*A loving hubby who is willing to offer a helping hand as you go along (love you charlie)

~Upholstery fabric can be costly so try finding donated fabric at your local thrift store.

~Finding a chair can also be costly~ try looking for a chair at your neighborhood yard sales(that's where you'll find the best prices).

~Finally~ Be creative and have fun!

So here it is... my first upholstered wing back chair!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last summers project...

This was this summers project... The chairs are so gorgeous!
My first mobile post!

Alameda Pictures

Can you say PRETTY!
Look at these amazing items!

This vendor has amazing pieces of old tin.

This vendor makes beautiful sea shell bottles.

I love this old iron bistro table. The coral makes the look!

This vendor had beautiful stuff. I liked the iron bed and the chalk boards she had.

Alameda was so much fun!

Alameda was great. When we arrived it was windy and cold (so wear layers if you get the chance to go). When we first arrived we walked towards the entrance and there behold an entire truck with a sign that says "FREE STUFF". Jackpot! Inside I found an old rocking chair and a set of dining chairs. It was great! We finally made our way inside and yes, heaven on earth! I spent alot of time walking up and down the asiles finding many amazing things but remembering I had a strict budget to stick to. On the list I was looking for a crystal chandelier,settee and a bird cage stand. The first vendor I always go to see is Marilyn in space C-6. She is such an inspiration!

Half way through the day the clouds cleared and the sunshine came out... suddenly a loud roar from all the shoppers and vendors was heard as everyone started clapping and honking their horns to their trucks. Californians love the sun! This moment gave me chills and is something to remember. In all I spent about four hours shopping. I had one amazing find... a crystal chandelier! I love it..what makes it so amazing is how great of price it had($45!). I didn't find much but what I did find was a mind full of great ideas, I met some amazing vendors, and witnessed how happy the sun makes people..

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alameda Road Trip! On our way!

Very excited to see whats there today! It was an early start at 4:15am. The sun is just now coming up with a few clouds in the sky. Hopefully we won't have rain. The road from our house was icy and a car slid off the road. Scary! Be careful out there guys! I'll let you know my finds later... :) Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flea Market Fun!

Looking forward to visiting Alameda this weekend! You can always find little trinkets!! One of my favorite vendors is Marilyn space C-6. She has so many great ideas!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fascination of the Old

Have you ever heard that saying "do what you love,and you'll never work a day in your life"? Well I did. Lets just say it changed everything for me. It started about one year ago when i entered into this little shabby chic shop. Instantly I fell in love with it and told myself.. I can do this! Within one week I became a vendor in that very same shop. It opened so many doors into my life. I now felt i had a sense of creativity..imagination. Something I didn't think I had.

I have this fascination with the old, used and history. I look at an old vanity with paint chips and scratches and often wonder what little girl looked in this mirror with her mothers hat and pearls? How that mirror showed her who the person she was becoming, when it showed her tears and smiles. Its a beautiful thing isn't it? I look at it and think how can I bring this little piece back to life?
And thats where the fun begins....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What is Tattered Elegance?

The love of something old,something simple,something beautiful. Its something that makes you think with a simple glance..what story lies behind this?...gives you a smile and lets your imagination run. Its the creation of something old into something new and having appreciation of its flaws.Its glamour and beauty.