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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello Friends!

Hi Everyone!
Its been so long again! Well, so far I've had a fantastic summer. Somehow I knew it would be! This year I made a list of things I wanted to do with my Husband. I think I've accomplished almost all of them starting with our new home<3 My Husband and I bought our first home and were loving it! There's nothing like home until you have your own home! I keep using exclamation points but really they're meant to be!
Early in the summer my hubby took me to Disneyland for our anniversary. It was like being on our first date again! We also visited Napa for the first time, enjoying the wineries and local food. We then adventured out to Jenkinson Lake for a weekend camping trip. We were snowed on but it was beautiful! I've also taken up full time volunteer work teaching people about the Bible. I feel so fortunate for the many blessings in my life including my friends and family.

So you may ask where do you find time for furniture? Well the truth is that I have been so busy I really haven't been able to do much, but still has a special place in my heart. My heart still throbs every time I see a yard sale sign or see a great piece in a thrift store.

Right now I'm itching to do a new piece with the new Chalk Paint that every ones raving about! Bobbi has so many beautiful pieces in the shop with the new paint that are gorgeous! Eventually, as the summer comes to an end I'll find the time again! In the mean time my hairstyling business is booming keeping me very busy as well.

I miss everybody and I'll try to stay a little more updated! Hope you all are having just as an amazing summer as I am!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Please vote for us! Today is the last day! Click Here

Hi Everyone!
I have a huge favor to ask of you amazing followers! This year Not To Shabby is participating in the KCRA 3 A-List top 10 for best antiques. We need your votes! Its easy to do, just click on the title above.Thank you so much! Every vote makes a difference!
Meanwhile I thought I would post some pictures of Tattered Houses Flea Market that we were apart of this spring! We had lots of fun furniture this year and cant wait to do it again this fall!Thanks for your support!

This one of my favorite dressers I've done so far!

This old mantle piece is stunning and perfect for outside by an old oak tree!

Bobbi had some great old rustic wheel borrows and we had an awesome collection of old globes! They went like firecrackers!

We had some beautiful parasols that filled this old trunk but by the time I got around to pictures they were almost gone!

I loved this dresser with the old water faucet handles!Have a great day everyone and dont forget to vote!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Giveaway Announcement!

I have a winner for my giveaway!

The name randomly pulled from a hat is Shellagh over at Ticking And Toile!

Stop by to say Hello!

Her blog features tutorials for upholstery, slipcovers and a love for chippy worn farmhouse style lovelies. See her link above :0)

Here's Shellagh ~

"I'm Shellagh...I'm the mom of 6 beautiful daughters and the wife of the absolute best husband! I love to decorate, garden, and create. Things I love....soft linen, cracked plaster, painted wood, travertine, sisal, rustic old floors, boxwood hedges, fabulous smelling roses, and faded fabrics.....and of course, vintage chandeliers!"

She is fabulous and its a must to stop by and visit her blog!

Congratulations Shellagh!

Hope you enjoy your new PINK tool kit!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

100 Followers Woo Whoo and Thank You!!!!

I am so happy to announce that I made it to 100 followers! This blog started out as something fun just to show others my love of shabby, tattered and worn things never really imaging anyone showing a hoot... but here we are and I feel so thankful and flattered to have your support! So this brings us to my giveaway! Thank you for those who stuck in as it took awhile and for those who shared my button with others, it truly means so much:0) I will be announcing the PINK tool kit winner soon so stay posted! Goodnight to everyone and have sweet wonderful dreams...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodmorning Everyone!

I'm am so delighted to be featured today! I just want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by and left such wonderful comments and for SITS to feature me! I love hearing from all of you. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do. I admire all of you out there with all of your creativity and wish that I could do just half of what you do! I hope you get the chance to follow me so I can stop by to follow you too! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

"Life's journey is much easier when you hear a friends footsteps beside you"...

P.s- If you get the chance stop by and say hi to my friend Bobbi, shes away right now helping a family member with cancer and could use some encouraging thoughts(her link is on my sidebar):0)