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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garden Chairs Just In Time For Spring!

Ever wonder what to do with those old chairs that just no longer can be used to sit in? Well with a little pondering of what I can do to make them new, I thought to myself that they would look great in a garden! However do to a family of deer living on the property I dont get to have the glamorous garden I dream of. So I thought lets make a mini garden in the chair!

The chairs that I have,have no cushioning in them so it made this project a little eaiser. All I did was take some aluminum screening and stapled it to the inner part of the chair. On larger chairs you can also add chicken wire to help support the soil.
When finished with that add a layer of moss to help keep the soil from draining out.Then add some soil and a couple of cute flowers and presto a garden in a chair!

Happy gardening! I would love to see and share pictures of anyone taking on this project!Just e-mail me at cierraneeley@gmail.com
P.s if anyone has any tips on keeping deer out of the garden I would love to know!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Little Home in Shabby Chic (PART 2)

My Kitchen Area~
Below is my little kitchen shelf with my favorite picture of my hubby and I in
Hawaii :0) I love roses and sea shells so this is what I see when I do the ever fun dishes.

Here in this picture I use a wardrobe armour to become somewhat of a pantry. Again I have an extremely small home so I try to make best off what I have.In my home I have NO closets or upper kitchen cabinets. So I made this into storage for my cat and dog food,towels along with pots and pans. It was another fun find for about $40.Can't beat that.

On my fridge I have my favorite pictures put up of family and friends. For the longest time I wouldn't put anything on my fridge so it wouldn't be cluttered but I want to be reminded of what makes me happiest. So I gave in :0)

For my kitchen I found this amazing old rustic cabinet. The drawers hold my dessert dishes,linens,candles and silverware. I keep my collection of favorite dishes inside along with my vintage mismatched tea cups and wine glasses.I found this at a yard sale for $40 also.Its a definite keeper!

My favorite thing of all time is chandeliers. They are so romantic and glamorous. My goal(silly) was to have a chandelier in every room in my home,not hard seeing as it is a small one. Well I did it! This chandelier I found in Alameda for $30.
Yessss....another keeper. Its home is know in my kitchen above my sink.

And my favorite piece in my entire house is my white chandelier. Its what I see as I walk into my home. I get a smile every time I see it! :0)

My Bathroom~

Its very small but it works... Everything I have in here is found from yard sales.

Accept for my little pink medicine cabinet I found from Marilyn in Alameda!

Even my shower curtain was a yard sale find for $5, even the chandelier $5! I love the bath sign above the doorway, it also was found in Alameda by a man who custom makes the old tins.

Well there it is, my kitchen and bathroom! I'm not a designer just a lover of whats pretty, pink, old, rusty and glamorous. Keep checking for (PART 3)!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Home in Shabby Chic ~Living Room (Part 1)

Welcome to my home! :0) Well its been about three 3 years of being a devout Shabby Chic lover. I was raised with a mother who loved interior design so you could say I got some of my style from her. Its been an amazing and fun process.
I hit as many flea markets,yard sales,garage sales, thrift stores and estate sales as I can, you name it I'm there. My inspiration started with being newly married and wanting to make my home feel like MY HOME. I always looked through design and decorating books but nothing fit more than when I started reading through Rachel Ashwells books. I loved her idea of white and feeling so comfortable in your own home. So here are some of my pictures but Im no photographer.:0)

Some of my favorite finds are pictured here. My chandelier above my couch is one of my top favorites,found at a local shabby chic shop in Folsom. The columns next to my couch are also a favorite, found in Auburn at a very rustic shabby chic shop.
I came across some old windows at a yard sale for $5.00 and made one into a picture frame for my wedding pictures.
Also pictured is an old green chair that I use to keep all my favorite books in for guests to look at while visiting,found at a local swap meet.
Another amazing find is my wood stove. It couldn't fit more perfectly in my home,found at a local yard sale that I purchased for $20.00!Works perfectly and came with the manual.The little wicker basket was found for $5.00 and works perfect to hold our firewood.
My dining room table is also a great find as it works perfectly for my very tiny 800 square foot home.It's not quite finished yet but I hoping to recover the cushions in burlap.
Well thats it for tonight,goodnight all :0)To be continued...

New arrivals! Glossy Black Dresser and more....



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Afternoon Tea with the girls!

These are my girls! I'm so thankful to have friends like them! Everything in the tea room was beautiful, even the floors were a pretty pink and white check! The chandeliers were over the top and we even got a perfect table by the window for a great view. Dont miss out on this place :0)