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Monday, July 5, 2010

DIY~What To Do With Those Ugly Dining Chair Cushions~ Hide Them! ;0)

Ok, I know this looks cheesy to start with but I promise it will look perfect! If your like me and always on the go it's ok to find some short cuts when you can :0)

So to start, I just cut out my piece of fabric to fit the cushion. I'm leaving the old fabric on to help keep the shape. However, if the fabric was dirty or in bad condition I would take it off. It's also my own piece so if you don't tell I won't
;0). A simple short cut.

Here I staple the fabric, working around the corners. Simple.

Stapling finished.

Here is the almost finished look. I want to add a little more to it...

I decided to add some decorative tacks to give the chair more style.
*TIP: Hold the tack with needle nose pliers to keep in place while hammering. Will save you SO much time. I've tried this before without the pliers - outcome - smash my fingers and bend the tack in half - very frustrating!

See how easy.... You can do it!

Here is the finished look! Fabulous!

Before Picture - UGLY

After - Beautiful

Well, I hope I inspired you to re-cover your cushions. Do away with the boring, glam it up. Bring new life to your dinning room table. It's so simple!

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