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Thursday, May 20, 2010

DIY Fancy Smancy Burlap Chairs!

Recently I posted a few pictures of this table at our Second Saturdays in Folsom but I didn't really get to show it. This was a fun project for me and I'm sure it will be for you too!

This table I've changed multiple times and never happy with what I did. Finally I just went to a simple white. I found the chairs at Alameda in the back of a truck that said "free stuff".Cant get any better! I also painted them white. They matched the table perfectly! Match made in heaven.. :0)

I love the look of burlap so I decided to cover the seats in burlap to give the dinning set a rustic look. I wanted to make it a little more fancy, so I numbered each of the seats 1-4.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Invited: To my Blog Giveaway!


So here it is! My very first giveaway! Want to know how to win?

#1 ~ All you need to do is become a fabulous follower and leave me a comment with the name of your blog so I can follow you too! Pretty easy! This is for the first 100 followers! So hurry ~ follow, follow!

This is what you will win! A beautiful PINK tool set!

*This is limited to the first 100 followers.
*When I reach 100 followers I will randomly choose someone and announce who the winner is.
*I will keep you posted on what number we've reached. So hurry don't miss it!
*Dont forget - please leave your blog address so I can visit you too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shabby Saturday! My Box of Chocolates! ;0)

Today I was up before the sunshine(5am)! Its yard sale day! Look at my amazing finds! All my finds are very colorful for spring and I love them!I want to keep it all... just have to figure out how to tell the hubby ;0).The big white mirror in the back is from Anthropology,the little candle chandelier is brand new for $3, and the yellow whicker chair $10! The pillows are also Anthropology.I'm so excited to find the pink pedestal trays and the beautiful silver set! Its fabulous outside today...make sure you get out an enjoy it. Happy Saturday!!! ~Cierra

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Was Featured!

Guess what!
This week I was featured on an awesome blog -Tools Are For Women Too! I was nominated as Great Craftswoman of the Week! How cool is that! Big THANK YOU to Rory for selecting me. It means alot seeing as it is the first place I've been featured! Please if you haven't already had the chance to visit stop by Rory's blog...He has really great crafty ideas!! Also, a big Thank You to all my new followers!...



Monday, May 10, 2010

Newest Arrivals at Not Too Shabby!

Beautiful pieces for a beautiful home.Just in time for summer. Come and see!

Yard Sales Are Like A Box of Chocolates...You Never Know What Your Gonna Get!!!

I just had one of the best weekend of finds! It really is like opening a box of chocolates.. Every time I see a "YARD SALE" sign my heart flutters and I get all excited and I actually get butterflies in my tummy. I cant wait to park the truck and get my wheel and deal on! I know, I know....My name is Cierra and I'm addicted to yard sales!.... Here are all the before pictures....


Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Little Home in Shabby Chic (PART 3)

Ok so I finally got around to posting this! Welcome to my bedroom :0)Not much to it but its cozy and comfy! All of what I have are all flea market finds! I love everything in white..its so peaceful and feels so clean.One of my favorite things in my room is of course my iron bed along with my chandelier! One of my most sentimental things are my wedding shoes. They're so sparkly and glamorous and dirty but I like them that way..they remind me of that special day. Hope you like it!

Second Saturdays in Historic Folsom A Big Hit!!!

Well its been a while since Ive blogged but all for good reason.Work, work, work! I worked on as many projects as I could this last week in time for Folsoms Second Saturdays. It was such a fun weekend- just people watching and seeing everyone happy, and smiling.There was street performers,mimes, hula dancers, batman, live music, all kinds of fun for all ages. Best of all the sun was shining bright! So in these pictures you can see some of my new projects that I brought in. Most of them sold however which is great! If you ever get the chance come down and see for yourself..you wont be disappointed!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Exciting Finds Thanks to My Hubby!

Ok so I dont have all the pictures yet of how cool my new finds are but I thought this was a pretty cute picture my husband sent me. I was at school for the day so he took care of getting all my goods :0) Do you see the amazing clawfoot loveseat on top? I love how he managed to make everything fit!