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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shabby Saturday! My Box of Chocolates! ;0)

Today I was up before the sunshine(5am)! Its yard sale day! Look at my amazing finds! All my finds are very colorful for spring and I love them!I want to keep it all... just have to figure out how to tell the hubby ;0).The big white mirror in the back is from Anthropology,the little candle chandelier is brand new for $3, and the yellow whicker chair $10! The pillows are also Anthropology.I'm so excited to find the pink pedestal trays and the beautiful silver set! Its fabulous outside today...make sure you get out an enjoy it. Happy Saturday!!! ~Cierra


Jamie said...

Great finds!!! I wish I could wake up early on the weekends so I could check out yard sales. Sleeping in is always my top priority when I can though. *lol*

Thank you for stopping by and making my SITS day so awesome! :)

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hey Chickie- love those finds- love that mirror- have same one at my shoppe- and I LOVe the Boots- (hmm) what are you going to do with those??
My Cheetah ones are filled with Flowers at Gracefully Vintage- What are you going to do with them???
love the deck as well- great storage space.

Marie said...

Hello sweet Cierra - I'm a new follower of your fabulous blog via Rory's blog! I love your style! It's exactly the kind of look I'm trying to achieve in my home. I'm slowly lightening things up in my living room. I know I'm going to get lots of inspiration from your sweet posts as I read them! Love all your vintage-y finds. Especially that scrolly gold mirror. Oh my! I live in San Diego. We don't have lovely flea markets here. Would like to check out the Rose Bowl Flea sometime!

I'd love for you to come by for a visit - having a giveaway!


Gracefully Vintage said...

Ok- so i did paint the tiles- the same as the walls-you couldnt even tell-and to go darker -would make it too dark-and i dont want to be over the top princess like- (hmm)
I did buy some wierd textured paintable wall paper stuff- im going to try- and see-
YOUR Button (GREAT Job) now work on header- i cant figure that out- i want a cute header-
You add my button -Ill add yours
talk to ya later

Tracy Rogers said...

Gasp! Lovin' everything I see :)
So glad I found your blog!