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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Me!!

I'm so excited to be celebrating my 3 year anniversary! (June 16th) For this last year Charlie and I's life has been so crazy with me in beauty school. This year we talked about what we wanted to do to celebrate and we decided to keep it low key and simple. But when couples tell each other that, is it really so? (Of course not!!)

Well this year my hubby did good,real good!~ Let me tell you of his surprise!
So it was Saturday morning and we were headed out for the day and Charlie told me to go hide in the other room and not come out untill he was ready(do do do do do....5min later). He says ok come on out! What was it?! A beach cruiser! Not just any beach cruiser but (this is real special ladies) a vintage one that he found at a yard sale (for 5 dollars)on one of his dirt bike trips with his buddies.

He kept it hid for 2 months! While hidding it he took it apart put new parts on it that needed to be replaced while keeping its vintage charm, took it to a paint shop and had it custom painted baby pink with a pearl finish! It's gorgeous girls! I couldn't even believe it! I've always wanted one. We love the beach and so it was a perfect fit. So much for no gift right?

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Bobbi said...

What a great anniversary gift! Now you need to go to the beach so you can ride.