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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I finished my upholstery project!

It seemed like forever but its done! And I'm proud to say so.... I worked so hard on it! It took me a total of two weeks to finish (in between full time beauty college) with many nights being up until 1:30am. (I love coffee!)

Being my first chair I wanted to make sure I took my time and careful not to ruin the pattern. As I went along I took pictures of each step, so if I were to forget what i did and what went where.
This project was alot of fun and for any who are thinking of taking on this task...good luck!
What you will need ~ :0)
*A very large cup of coffee
*A loving hubby who is willing to offer a helping hand as you go along (love you charlie)

~Upholstery fabric can be costly so try finding donated fabric at your local thrift store.

~Finding a chair can also be costly~ try looking for a chair at your neighborhood yard sales(that's where you'll find the best prices).

~Finally~ Be creative and have fun!

So here it is... my first upholstered wing back chair!

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Not too Shabby said...

The Chair looks awesome-you did a great job, i thought you bought it that way, keep blogging love checking in..