"Keep your heart open to dreams. For as long as there's a dream, there is hope, and as long as the is hope, there is joy in living."


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Alameda was so much fun!

Alameda was great. When we arrived it was windy and cold (so wear layers if you get the chance to go). When we first arrived we walked towards the entrance and there behold an entire truck with a sign that says "FREE STUFF". Jackpot! Inside I found an old rocking chair and a set of dining chairs. It was great! We finally made our way inside and yes, heaven on earth! I spent alot of time walking up and down the asiles finding many amazing things but remembering I had a strict budget to stick to. On the list I was looking for a crystal chandelier,settee and a bird cage stand. The first vendor I always go to see is Marilyn in space C-6. She is such an inspiration!

Half way through the day the clouds cleared and the sunshine came out... suddenly a loud roar from all the shoppers and vendors was heard as everyone started clapping and honking their horns to their trucks. Californians love the sun! This moment gave me chills and is something to remember. In all I spent about four hours shopping. I had one amazing find... a crystal chandelier! I love it..what makes it so amazing is how great of price it had($45!). I didn't find much but what I did find was a mind full of great ideas, I met some amazing vendors, and witnessed how happy the sun makes people..

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