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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Little Home in Shabby Chic (PART 2)

My Kitchen Area~
Below is my little kitchen shelf with my favorite picture of my hubby and I in
Hawaii :0) I love roses and sea shells so this is what I see when I do the ever fun dishes.

Here in this picture I use a wardrobe armour to become somewhat of a pantry. Again I have an extremely small home so I try to make best off what I have.In my home I have NO closets or upper kitchen cabinets. So I made this into storage for my cat and dog food,towels along with pots and pans. It was another fun find for about $40.Can't beat that.

On my fridge I have my favorite pictures put up of family and friends. For the longest time I wouldn't put anything on my fridge so it wouldn't be cluttered but I want to be reminded of what makes me happiest. So I gave in :0)

For my kitchen I found this amazing old rustic cabinet. The drawers hold my dessert dishes,linens,candles and silverware. I keep my collection of favorite dishes inside along with my vintage mismatched tea cups and wine glasses.I found this at a yard sale for $40 also.Its a definite keeper!

My favorite thing of all time is chandeliers. They are so romantic and glamorous. My goal(silly) was to have a chandelier in every room in my home,not hard seeing as it is a small one. Well I did it! This chandelier I found in Alameda for $30.
Yessss....another keeper. Its home is know in my kitchen above my sink.

And my favorite piece in my entire house is my white chandelier. Its what I see as I walk into my home. I get a smile every time I see it! :0)

My Bathroom~

Its very small but it works... Everything I have in here is found from yard sales.

Accept for my little pink medicine cabinet I found from Marilyn in Alameda!

Even my shower curtain was a yard sale find for $5, even the chandelier $5! I love the bath sign above the doorway, it also was found in Alameda by a man who custom makes the old tins.

Well there it is, my kitchen and bathroom! I'm not a designer just a lover of whats pretty, pink, old, rusty and glamorous. Keep checking for (PART 3)!

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Three little boys and me said...

i love the chandelier in the bathroom I always wanted to do that