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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Home in Shabby Chic ~Living Room (Part 1)

Welcome to my home! :0) Well its been about three 3 years of being a devout Shabby Chic lover. I was raised with a mother who loved interior design so you could say I got some of my style from her. Its been an amazing and fun process.
I hit as many flea markets,yard sales,garage sales, thrift stores and estate sales as I can, you name it I'm there. My inspiration started with being newly married and wanting to make my home feel like MY HOME. I always looked through design and decorating books but nothing fit more than when I started reading through Rachel Ashwells books. I loved her idea of white and feeling so comfortable in your own home. So here are some of my pictures but Im no photographer.:0)

Some of my favorite finds are pictured here. My chandelier above my couch is one of my top favorites,found at a local shabby chic shop in Folsom. The columns next to my couch are also a favorite, found in Auburn at a very rustic shabby chic shop.
I came across some old windows at a yard sale for $5.00 and made one into a picture frame for my wedding pictures.
Also pictured is an old green chair that I use to keep all my favorite books in for guests to look at while visiting,found at a local swap meet.
Another amazing find is my wood stove. It couldn't fit more perfectly in my home,found at a local yard sale that I purchased for $20.00!Works perfectly and came with the manual.The little wicker basket was found for $5.00 and works perfect to hold our firewood.
My dining room table is also a great find as it works perfectly for my very tiny 800 square foot home.It's not quite finished yet but I hoping to recover the cushions in burlap.
Well thats it for tonight,goodnight all :0)To be continued...

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cloverdye said...

Beautiful home. Love your chandeliers and all your finds.