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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello All My Bloggie Friends!

Ok, well shame on me! Ive been away for awhile:0(. Let me tell you all about it! So this last summer was amazing with graduating beauty school(woo whoo!), starting my new career along with my boutique furniture to keep up on and HOUSE SHOPPING!!!! If any of you out there have bought a house I feel for you. It has been the longest process ever, and boy the biggist emotional roller coaster I've ever been on! Just finding a house you like then to actually get your offer accepted...pheww its alot of work and I've never signed my name so many times. I now understand the saying "sign your life away!"

I am one happy camper these days, enjoying life and soon to be new home and my wonderful hubby. Ive had to put alot of things on the sidelines for awhile. I cant wait untill everything is settled! I want to get back to my furniture!
I thought I would share some of my top 3 choices of Houses:

House #1

This house is amazing!Fully furnished home built in 1942. Cute with tons of character!

House #2

This is my absolute favorite house! A darling victorian house with an outstanding view!

House # 3

I love this victorian home! Five bedrooms and an amazing deck!

Stayed tuned for my reveal of which home will be mine!

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