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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A day of hard work!

I finished sanding, priming and painting my soon to be shabby chic furniture! It was a long two days but it feels good to have it done. I had a few minor complications with my paint sprayer, the sun and cold weather. I decided that my technique of painting wont work during the winter months. What I do is spray my furniture in bulk so its all done in one day but when the sun isn't on your side, you have dry time problems. Oh well its done :0). I love after a hard days work, to sit and see all of the beautifully, freshly painted white furniture setting all together giving off a wonderful clean glow. Very pretty :0) For me this technique is only thing that works since I'm always just short of time(aren't we all).I forgot (always)to take some before and after pictures of what I have, so what you see is what you get. Some of the pieces are for my lovely little home and some are to be put in the shop.
Well I just looked for my adapter to upload photos but it seems to be in my hubbys truck who is not here right now so I will post pictures later! Hope everyone has had a wonderful day :0)

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